The Room Takes Shape – March 5, 2006

Ok, the benchwork is all up and I’m at the point of laying down the foam to support everything. One the left is the peninsula and Tidewater Yard (with the milk crate sitting on it). The approach track to this yard runs under Bayside Yard and curves to the right at the far end of the room through Chappellton. You can see I’ve reused the old benchwork at the far end of the room. You can also see the bottoms of the new benchwork supports on the near right.

This is a closer shot of the new supports. They were originally “U” shaped but were cut in half to make “L”s. They are 1″ square tubing and a VERY strong. I screwed a length of 2×4 onto the top side each one to fastend the foam top to and then screwed them to every stud. This benchwork is very solid.

This photo is a view from Derwin’s Drop to Stevenville (far left). Bayside Yard is on the far right but cannot be seen from this angle. The height difference between Bayside Yard and Tidewater Yard is about 4.5″ and is achieved in one 4.5% grade between Derwin’s Drop and Kenville. This will provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate a helper service on the layout.

This picture is a view from Chappellton (near left) to Kenville (far left). You can see Tidewater Yard on the far right.

You can get a better view of Bayside Yard (far right) from this photo. Stevenville is on the left.

So, there was a lot of work accomplished in a little more than a week. Many hands make light work! Next time there’s fresh paint!


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