Accessory Holder

I guess I was in an organizational mood over the weekend. In addition to the throttle holder I decided it was time to make something to hold the pencils and uncoupling skewers that are usually found scattered over the layout. A pencil sitting in the middle of a well detailed scene can really take away from the ambiance!

Again, I decided to see what I could come up with using only the wood scraps scattered around my woodworking shop. Hmmmm… I notice a trend – stuff scattered around the layout and stuff scattered around the shop. Yes, I should organize my workshop better, but I prefer to work on the layout.

Anyway, this is what I came up with (click the image for a larger view)


It is hard to see since it blends into the valance, but it is a small block of 3/4″ pine with a smaller piece of 1/4″ ply glue to the top. There are two holes drilled in the 1/4″ piece for the uncoupling skewers (I had to add tape to the top so they wouldn’t fall through) and a large hole drilled almost through the 3/4″ piece the size of the pencil. Now there’s no reason for any of that stuff to be on the layout.  Hear that guys!!!!


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  1. Doug Whitman says:

    What about a paperwork holder?

    My crew has required me to use a clipboards to hold their paperwork. So I now have push pins installed around the layout to hold the clipboards.


    I haven’t purposely taken a picture but most jobs have clipboards that can be hung on hooks behind/under the valance. You can see the clipboard hanging in some of the operations photos. Here’s an example from the Moncton visit –


  2. Steve Mc says:

    Nice idea Scott. Doug’s comment above brings up a real need on my layout–but I still haven’t seen anything that I really like for the “paperwork.”


    Check the link above.


  3. Will says:

    Steve, how about a bulldog clip and a small metal hook?

    Scott, I’m very interested with your organizational prowess – it’s got me thinking!

    Prowess? I don’t think so! But I do get a good idea once in a while. Ha!


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