Addendum to Improving a Bachmann DCC Equipped GP35

Apparently NCE has a replacement board designed for this locomotive. The Bach DSL decoder will fit in place of the old decoder and apprently includes LED’s.

Bach DSL Decoder from NCE

And they are quite affordable too. A quick search indicated prices ranged from $15 to $20 US. I wish I had thought to look for these a few weeks ago. Oh well, the D13SR’s work fine.


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  1. Hi Scott;

    Funny you should mention the Bachmann DCC GP 35’s. I had one in my hand yesterday at the Dartmouth show, but changed my mind at the last minute. Oh speaking of the show, it was pretty good, but I believe the Truro show certainly had the edge. I always find the Truro show enjoyable. Might try to catch the Moncton one next spring, as I havent been to that in several years. Your blog is excellent Scott – nicely proportioned with the right amount of layout updates and “How To” entries. Cheers.


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