BS&T CN Interchange

Continuing from where I left off weeks ago on the operations theme…

The CN Interchange runs from Wholeinthall (staging) to Tidewater. The purpose of this train is to move traffic east and west to and from off-layout destinations.

The report from my program calls this a “Mainline Train”. It’s just a generic term used to describe trains that run from staging to a yard.

The report shows that during the last operating session the Interchange train carried four cars from Wholeinthall to Tidewater. Two of them would stay in Tidewater and two would be routed to Bayside on the next Transfer.

Then the train returned to Wholeinthall with four cars. Two came from Tidewater yard and two arrived on the Transfer from Bayside.

Traffic to and from Whoeinthall varies quite a bit from session to session. I’m trying to find ways to increase this traffic to make the train more realistic, but I am limited by physical space in Wholeinthall. My next major project will be to extend the yard there to allow longer trains.

The Interchange waits in Chappellton.

The West Bound CN Interchange from Wholeinthall, sporting two CN Green and Gold locomotives for power, waits on the passenger siding in Chappellton for the East Bound Wayfreight crew to finish getting their train together.

The Interchange doesn’t usually have to wait very long on the east bound run. But, if they are early leaving Tidewater on the westward return run they can run into problems with the Wayfreights.


2 Responses to “BS&T CN Interchange”

  1. Doug says:


    Two locos and only four cars, only CN would run that train.

    The WRS transfers 60 cars per day with the outside world (30 in each direction).

    Nice report in the series.



    Well, that will hopefully change. Last night (we operated on Saturday since today is Mother’s Day) we ran about 11 back to Wholeinthall. I don’t think it will ever get to 30 on this layout in one shift. I’m lengthening the staging tracks in Wholeinthall to accommodate more cars.

    Where do your west bound cars go since you have no staging at the western end of the layout? Or do you mean you pull 30 cars out of your eastern staging into your yard and then push 30 cars back into staging?


  2. Doug says:


    Yes, I only have a connection to the outside world at one end of the layout(Interchange Yard). 30 cars are brought from staging for tomorrow’s trains and the 30 cars from yesterday’s trains are returned to staging in each session.


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